What's new in the relm of All Things Horror?

I'm glad you asked! On this page We will enclude all updates to the ATH network. This page has come about due to the MASSIVE number of changes that happen on a day to day basis. It is the one place where we have stopped time just for you to catch up (Hence the frozen flames above... hmmmmm...). It has been set up to make sure that you are up-to-date with your ATH fix!


Well, in the begining months of March, this site started to undergo some massive changes! First off, you may have noticed that the logos of each page have been redesigned by Nick Michalak of Forever Horror to look like the main logo! At the bottom of each page, you will find each logo linking to it's page! Cool huh? Also, we broke down the famed Pics Archives into several linked pages so that it will hopefully SOLVE ONCE AND FOR ALL our bandwith problem! Hope you enjoy your stay! Any feedback? I'd love to hear it! E-mail me!

11/14/03: Thumbnails Every where!

In our ongoing battle against our bandwith problems, we have finaly found a solution, other than changing servers, that will actually help! A good friend, Nick, gave us the idea of taking on the massive project of making all the pics in the bandwith-eating-but-ever-so-popular Pics Archive into thumbnail (smaller) pics, thus eating less bandwith. So after litterly five hours of work, it has been done. Now the pics are neatly set out for you the viewers, and a simple click of the mouse on the one you like will enlarge it! Next project, the donated pics archive... wish us luck...

11/10/03: New FLASH intros and New REVIEWS!!!

Woah, It has been a buisy day! I have added twon new flash intros to All Things Horror, one can be found in the REAL KILLERS FILES and the other on the all newREVIEWS INDEX! Check 'em out and speaking of reviews, I've reviewed four, count 'em four new flicks! The movies reviewed were: Willard, May, Hannibal and Red Dragon. Alot of one namers huh? You can check out the ATH take on these kick ass flicks by checking out the reviews index or just go strait to the HORROR REVIEWS 3: NEW REVIEWS page! You gotta see this!

10/24/03: New Horror Reviews Index, & Two new reviews

As you will read in the intro of the Horror Reviews Index Page, in an effort to help sort out the large ammount of reviews that this site contains, we have created a page to do just that. On this page you will find the titles of the three reviews pages and which movies they contain. This way all you have to do is go to the index, find your movie and click away! No more endless searching for you, my friend! Also new to the site is two reviews! We recently reviewed "Wrong Turn" and "The Ugly". Check 'em out!

10/17/03: Many Updates

Since our last update, many things have happened: We have received many more pics from Chris Alzaman (See Update 9/18/03), Many minor technical updates and afew bandwith problem solvers. We have added links to many of the pics in the Pics Archive, changed the navigational links at the bottom of each page, and afew other things. Trust us, it's all for the best. Also one major thing: We have a new SPOTLIGHT SITE! Check it out HERE!

9/18/03: New Section for DONATED PICS opened!

Due to the HUGE donation from Chris Alzaman (101 pics so far) we have opened a new Donated Pics page just for the pics you send us! Check it out at http://allthingshorrorpics.tripod.com

9/1/03 - 9/16/03: HUGE DONATION OF PICS!

Recently All Things Horror was contacted by horror fan Chris Almazan who expressed his appreation of the site, especially the pics page, and made us an offer we couldn't refuse! Chris donated a HUGE ammount of pics to us and we threw 'em up on the site in our already massive pics archive! We continue to recieve atleast 10 pics from him daily, which is something to keep us buisy for sure! Thanks Chris! If you would like to send horror pics to All Things Horror please do so! We would love to see them and just might post them in the archive, in a section with your name! Send pics and mail to: thecashbox@hotmail.com Attn: ATH/Steve

8/25/03: Updated Ted Bundy'sReal Killers File & Reviewed Film: "Ted Bundy"

Over the weekend I saw two films that were serial killer related. The first was The Night Stalker which tells the story of serial killer Richard Ramirez and does a poor job of doing so, and Ted Bundy which tells his story. I felt that The Night Stalker is such a poor movie that I decided not to review it. Check out the REAL KILLERS section for full serial killer files.

8/19/03: Freddy Vs Jason/House of 1,000 Corpses Reviewed, Bandwith problem addressed

New Reviews Section Thoes reviews are of course Freddy Vs. Jason and House of 1,000 Corpses. Check it out and see our views on these hair raising flicks.
Also on a technical note, All Things Horror has recieved many complaints about our "Bandwith Problem". Guests are attempting to view ATH but are being told that the site has been suspended when they try to access some of the older parts. We relize that bandwith is a problem and are investigating bandwith theft and other reasons for temporary suspension due to bandwith. At an attempt to help win our constant bandwith battle, we have removed most of our devider gifs and replaced them with the old fasioned "HR" line deviders. We feel that the small ammount less that this will require the page to load, could help out in the long run, and makes the site look more professional. Thank you for your cooperation and feed back.

8/7/03: ED KEMPER and RICHARD RAMIREZ added to REAL KILLERS FILES, And The Flesh Farm's Award recieved!

The updates today consist of additions to the All Things Horror: Real Killers Files. The ATH: RK updates include the addition of two new faces, that of Edmund Kemper and Richard Ramirez. We also added file numbers to each file. Another great update comes in the form of an award which was recieved yesterday and posted today! The award was presented by The Flesh Farm, who also gave us a great quote, which we posted on our intro page! You've gotta see this!

7/29/03: Sister site up New reviews page

Today All Things Horror is proud to announce the launch of our "sister site", Trailer Destroyer! The sister site is a site that is co-webmastered by the webmaster of this site, Steve Adelmund. It is a site that reviews, get this, TRAILERS! Cool huh? In other news, We realize that our bandwith problem is getting annoying to our visitors, so we have extended our REVIEWS SECTION into a new MORE REVIEWS section. We hope you enjoy! In it you will find reviews for two new movies: In Dreams and The Calling, so Check 'em out, If you know what's BAD for you...

7/28/03: New Reviews!

We have 4 new reviews in the Reviews Section. The recently reviewed movies are: The Dentist, The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself, The Blair Witch Project, and The Book of Shaddows: Blair Witch 2! Check 'em out!


ALL THINGS HORROR HAS NAMED A NEW SPOTLIGHT SITE! DARK DWELLING, come on down! Your The newest All Things Horror Official Spotlight Site! Congratulations! Check out the spotlight by clicking HERE!


Some cool stuff happenin' today! All Things Horror has Recieved two awards from www.darkdwelling.com: their Web Excelence award and their Dark Poetry award! This is our first poetry award! (Looks like the ASYLUM has really paid off!) Also new to the site is the strange box symbol on the main page, that symbol is a tracker! Real Killers Section. Today we've added Timothy McVeigh to the list of psychos. And that's about it for today!

7/21/03: Yet another psycho... and less music

If you check out The Real Killers Section you will find the All Things Horror file on David "The Son of Sam" Berkowitz. he is the newest addition to the real killers section and I hope you enjoy it. Click the above link to go directly to his page.
Also, Today I removed most of the midis in All Things Horror in an attempt to fix the bandwith problem I've been having. There is one midi left in the ATH network and that is the candyman theme which can be found on the Horror Movie Trivia Pages.

7/17/03: New Serial Killer files added to Real Killers Section

All Things Horror has added ED GEIN,
to the Real Killers section of All Things Horror. We also made some technical adjustments to the main page of ATH.

7/16/03: Real Killers Section Born

Today marks some reality in the relm of ATH. Today we open the section called REAL KILLERS. In it you will find profiles, quotes, and case studies on some of the sickest of the sick serial killers in U.S. history. This section is not for the weak of heart and should not be viewed with children. I almost got sick writing this section. I hope you enjoy it.

7/15/03: Added Red Scroll Bars

A small technical update today, we've added Red and Black scroll bars to the site to give it a creepy feeling. Let us know what you think!

7/11/03: New Site Named Spot Light Site, History page created, CELL666's Honor award recieved!

Today FOREVER HORROR was named an Official All Things Horror Spot Light site. For more info on that, please click HERE.
The History page was also created today. You can view the history page via the link at the bottom of the main page or by clicking HERE. The third and final update today, we recieved an award from CELL666. This excelent award can be seen on our AWARDS section!

7/10/03: Check out the REVIEWS SECTION!

Today I added pics to all of the reviews in that section. All the pics are linked to that movie's file in the IMDB! Check it out!

7/9/03: Logo changes, Rants intro changed, And a review fixed

Massive changes today, changed the logos for the HMT and The Asylum. Check 'em out! Also the rants intro was changed and the Review for Swordfish was altered to explain how it is horror related. Click HERE to check out that review.

7/8/03: New FLASH Intro Page!

Thanks to some advise from the webmaster atParanormal Reviews, I have now "Re-Vamped" the intro page. It can be seen at http://allthingshorror.tripod.com or allthingshorror.tripod.com/Intro.html. Click one of the links and check it out! As always feed back is welcome! (And yes I know Mayhem is misspelled. It's supposed to be.)


Today we have some big news! We have been reviewed by the awesome paranormal and horror reviews site: paranormal reviews! Because of this review, it has come to our attention that we have wandered off the horror trail in our RANTS section and as a result of this we have removed all rants that are not horror related. On their scale of 1 - 5 skulls (5 being high) we recieved 4. check it out. Also on the news front, we recieved a new award from the horror site ALONE. Check it out on the Awards page. We're pretty damn proud today!

7/2/03: Links Page given a makeover

After it was brought to the webmaster's attention by Nick from Forever Horror that we had some "imaging" problems, the webmaster gave the Links page a new look. Not quite as big of news as the Englund Interview, but news all the same.


The Robert Englund/ All Things Horror interview is now officially complete! Check it out in the INTERVIEWS Section. For more information on Robert Englund, visit the Official Robert Englund Website at: www.robertenglund.com

6/30/03: Mary Shelly's Frankenstein Reviewed

After much procrastination, I have finaly reviewed Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. Check it out by clicking HERE.


All Things Horror is proud to open a new section ~ INTERVIEWS! And we figured who better for our first interview than the godfather of horror himself: ROBERT ENGLUND! Thats right boils and gouls, Robert Englund, the madman who haunted your nightmares as Freddy Krueger now haunts the pages of All Things Horror. He spills his guts (and ours) about Freddy Vs Jason, 2001 Maniacs and more! Check it out! (Special thanks to Nancy for arranging this interview!)

6/26/03: New Font & Fun in the ASYLUM

You may see a new font lurking around All Things Horror, it's called Psycho Poetry which we thought was approprate for this site! Also be sure to check out a letter from A son to his Mommy in the asylum!

6/23/03: New Front Page & Ginger Snaps Review

All Things Horror now has a shorter, easier to remember start page name. You can get there with this address: http://allthingshorror.tripod.com. Also new to ATH is a review of the movie "Ginger Snaps". This review can be found in our reviews section or by clicking on the previous sentance!

6/19/03: Devil's Playground named Spotlight site!

Be sure to check out our new Spot Light Site on the links page. Devil's Playground, run by my personal friend Leatherfacette, is the ONLY place on the web to find out everything you could ever want to know about Texas Chansaw Massacre 2! Leatherfacette has given us a great spotlight by creating a spot on her website for All Things Horror, so we are more than happy to return the favor! Check it out already!

6/19/03: New HMT Complete!

All Things Horror is proud to announce that world famous Horror Movie Trivia section is now officially complete! The new massive trivia is completly interactive and you can get your results instantly! It has been broken down into two parts... Part 1 consists of 50 questions and part two consists of 32. The catch? You must answer all 50 of the questions in part one to get to part two. If you successfully answer all of the questions in part 2 correctly, you will win the only award that All Things Horror currently gives out! Good Luck, and Have Fun!


A massive change has been underway for sometime now in the Horror Movie Trivia Section of All Things Horror. A completely new system has been implemented, making the trivia interactive. You are given multiple choices and are graded at the end with an exact percentage instantly! Although we are working out a few bugs in the new system, we expect it to be fully opperational in no time! The NEW HMT has currently has 50 of the original 82 Questions, but fear not. All will be there in the end, Check it out by clicking HERE!

6/16/03: Check whats new in the Asylum

I, the ATH's writer for the asylum, am one sick puppy. There's a new little snack for you psychos to chew on in the Asylum if you don't believe me. It's not for the faint of heart though... Then again what in the Asylum is?

6/11/03: Add Your Link, We won the Who's For Dinner Award, Link added!

Now in the Links page you can click the "Add your Link to ATH" button and do just that! We here at All Things Horror know that sharing links is an important way to advertise, so we want you to do just that! Also new to the awards page is the "Who's For Dinner Tonight?" Award from Leatherfacette at the Devils Play ground. You can find her banner on the links Page!

6/10/03: A Psycho contest entry and a disclaimer

In the Asylum You'll find a new entry of madness. I spend alot of time at CYAO.com, a chat site that kicks ass, and they are having a contest to see who can finish a story, Check it out and see what my warped mind came up with. Also new to All Things Horror is a disclaimer on the main page.

6/4/03: "Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!" in the Asylum

I've added two little stories to the Asylum for your reading pleasure! God we're warped here at "All Things Horror"!

5/28/03: "The Chase" and some "Dirty Veins" Added to the Asylum

Be sure to check The Asylum to view the latest additions to the psycho rants that fill our halls. You will find a few juicy little morsels called "The Chase" and "Dirty Veins". Check it out... see if you can handle it.

5/28/03: New Review...sort of Horror But still cool

Yesterday I rented a movie which I have decided to review. This movie is not horror but is still worthy of a review here at all things horror. Why you ask? Because It is some what creepy. The movie's title is "One Hour Photo" and the review can be found in our Reviews Page.

5/6/03: Good Bye Comet Cursor

Due to high fan demand, we have decided to remove our beloved severed hands, evil faces, and creepy crawlers that were the comet cursor program. Aparently people dont like being asked every five seconds to download something they dont want or need! Who knew! So we have retired the short-lived beasts and baddies that are comet cursor. If you miss the little monsters, e-mail the webmaster and let him know. Maybe with enough demand, he'll bring them back...

4/29/03: When Hell Freezes over!

How many promises have you made that won't happen untill hell freezes over? If you're anything like me, alot! So I have encluded on the Links Page something to tell you what the temp in hell is! It changes daily so check it often, because you may have debts to fulfill!


Lots of updates today! We have had the honor of recieving two more Awards! The "90mph" Award from Leatherfacette, and the "Darkest Site" Award from Demon's Fury! Also we have Reviewed the movie Darkness falls! The third update has come in the form of a new HMT question! Check it out and see if you know the answer! Thanks again to Demon's Fury and Leatherfacette! I've also added alittle bit of psychobabble twisted tales to The Asylum!

4/25/03: ASYLUM BORN

Today a branch of All Things Horror was formed that is so demented, so warped, so twisted, so personal, that it will be sure to effect you... perminantly. When was the last time a website changed your life? The Asylum is a collection of original stories and poems made by the webmaster durring his darkest hours. Enter and you may never be the same. "In my world there are two main kinds of people: The Destined and The Damned." Want to see into the mind of a madman? If so, enter the ASYLUM

4/23/03: Haunted Huckie Award Recieved

Today All Things Horror had the honor of recieving the HAUNTED HUCKIE AWARD FOR WEB EXCELENCE! see it on the AWARDS page. If you look carefully, you will see this webmaster's name on the grave stone in the background! We also recieved an e-mail antother site saying that an award will be coming soon! We look forward to seeing this award and adding it to our humble mantle!

4/22/03 Update 1: Updates Page Born

That's right kiddies, this hell spawn that you are sitting in now was born and made pubilc on this historic date. Enjoy! Look for many more to come!

4/22/03 Update 2: Forum Response

I have responded to a in depth reviews request made by Raven in the forum page! See Update 3 for details.

4/22/03 Update 3: Extended Reviews

Today I Re-reviewed "The Ring", "The Crow", "The Crow: C of A", and "The Crow: Salvation". I decided that thoes paticular reviews needed more depth and to explain the story line better. Check out the Horror Reviews to see the changes.

4/21/03: Forum Added

Today we've added a forum to the "MY RANTS" page so that you can rant about any thing you want! We call it "All Things Horror: Your Rants" Check it out. This forum came about due to a suggestion made by a horror fan named Raven. Thanks for the great Idea Raven!

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